I’m absolutely loving this Banh Mi Charcuterie Board! It’s become my go-to for both meals and hosting because it’s super simple and a breeze to put together.

It’s a gorgeous Vietnamese cold cut platter paired with heavenly delicious Vietnamese mayo and pâté – a surefire way to impress and get everyone chatting!

Banh Mi Charcuterie Board

❤️ Banh Mi Charcuterie Board – Sharing the Banh Mi feast with all!

Banh Mi Charcuterie Board on a table

I’ve got this awesome post all about Bánh Mì – my absolute favorite Vietnamese street food!

I spill the beans on how to whip up a super authentic Banh Mi at home and throw in some fantastic local spots to enjoy this goodness in Vietnam.

The Banh Mi Charcuterie Board is my latest obsession! It’s like the Banh Mi feast for everyone.

🙋‍♀️ What exactly are Vietnamese Cold Cuts?

Vietnamese cuisine was influenced by the French during the period of colonization. Just like the famous Cà Phê Sữa Đá (Vietnamese iced coffee), Bánh Mì is a tasty blend where Vietnamese folks stuff a baguette with local ingredients.

I’ve curated a selection of intriguing French-Vietnamese dishes that are sure to impress you.

Bánh Mì Thịt Nguội is the most popular one, where Thịt Nguội is the Vietnamese term for cold cuts. So, Vietnamese cold cuts essentially include all Vietnamese-style ham and sausages.

These cold cuts aren’t just reserved for Bánh Mì – they’re the life of the party! Whether it’s a booze-filled gathering, a family bash, or during Tet Holidays.

Banh Mi Charcuterie Board on a table

On my Vietnamese Banh Mi charcuterie board today, you’ll find:

  • Chả Lụa (Vietnamese pork roll / Vietnamese ham)
  • Chả Bò (Vietnamese beef roll)
  • Giăm Bông (Vietnamese jambon)
  • Chả Đỏ (Vietnamese red headcheese)

If you live close to a bustling Vietnamese community, there’s a good chance you could find these cold cuts from the freezer aisle in a Vietnamese market. Chả Lụa tends to be quite popular, and if you can’t track down some of the other ingredients, feel free to substitute with your favorite sausage, headcheese or ham.

Some other choices for Vietnamese cold cuts:

  • Chả Quế (Vietnamese cinnamon pork roll)
  • Chả Bì (Vietnamese pork roll with pork skin)
  • Chả Gà (Vietnamese chicken roll)
  • Chả Cá (Vietnamese fish cake)
  • Chả Nguội / Chả Thủ (Vietnamese Headcheese)
  • Nem Chua (Vietnamese fermented pork)

🥖 Other Ingredients for the Banh Mi Board

Beyond the cold cuts, let’s add the finishing touches to create the ultimate satisfying Banh Mi Charcuterie Board.

Ingredients for Banh Mi Charcuterie Board
  • Baguettes: Since we’re doing a twist on the traditional Banh Mi by not stuffing it, French baguettes work perfectly.
  • Mayo: Also known as the “butter for Banh Mi” because of its creamy texture. While any mayo will do, I highly recommend making your own Vietnamese Mayo – it only takes a few minutes and adds that extra oomph.
A close-up photo of homemade Vietnamese Mayo, a creamy and rich sauce used in Vietnamese cuisine. It has a smooth and velvety texture, perfect for enhancing the flavor of Banh Mi sandwiches and other Vietnamese dishes.
Vietnamese Mayo
  • Vietnamese Liver Pâté: Another homemade gem. Sure, it takes a bit of time, but whip up a big batch and stash it in the freezer for months. Vietnamese pâté is a very versatile ingredient since it could pair perfectly with many dishes like:
A captivating photo showcasing a Vietnamese pate, exuding a creamy texture and rich flavor. The pate is beautifully presented with garnishes, reflecting the authentic Vietnamese culinary tradition. Its smooth consistency and decadent appearance make it an enticing choice for any food enthusiast.
Vietnamese Liver Pâté
Do chua (vietnamese pickled carrot and daikon) in a jar.
Đồ Chua (Vietnamese Pickled Carrots & Daikon)
  • Pork/Chicken Floss (Chà Bông/Ruốc): Totally optional. You can either buy it or try making it yourself for that extra flair.
  • Herbs & Veggies: cilantro, cucumber and jalapeno peppers

📝 How to arrange the Banh Mi Board and enjoy

A day before:

  • Thaw the cold cuts in the fridge if you got them from the freezer at the Asian market.
  • Prepare the Vietnamese Mayo, Vietnamese Pâté, and Đồ Chua (or grab them from the Asian market).

On the party day:

  • Slice the cold cuts: I like to cut the cold cuts into thin, round slices, then halve them to create half circles.
  • Slice the cucumber and jalapeno pepper.
  • Toast and slice the French baguette into 1-inch (2.5cm) rounds.
  • Arrange the boards with all ingredients

How to enjoy:

  • Take a baguette slice, slather on some pâté and Vietnamese mayo. Top it off with a delicious cold cut, followed by cucumber, đồ chua, cilantro, and jalapeno… There you have it – your perfect Banh Mi bite is good to go!
A bite of Banh Mi

🌟 My Pro-Tips

If you’ve got some extra time on your hands, you could prepare some more delightful companions for your Banh Mi board like:

  • Roasted Pork Belly (Thịt Heo Quay)
  • Vietnamese Lemongrass Chicken: easy peasy and oh-so-delicious
  • Char Siu (Chinese BBQ Pork)
  • Vietnamese Grilled Sausage Skewers (Nem Nướng): store-bought Nem Nướng is easily found.

And if you have an extra stash of Vietnamese pâté ? Spruce up the board with some crackers – they’re a fantastic match for the Vietnamese liver pâté!

🌟 How long can the cold cuts and mayo sit out on the charcuterie board?

The USDA recommends not leaving meats and fresh mayo out at room temperature for more than two hours. That gives your gathering ample time to enjoy the charcuterie board without feeling hurried, but remember not to leave it out all day!

Banh Mi Charcuterie Board on a table

Banh Mi Charcuterie Board (Vietnamese Cold Cut Platter)

Banh Mi Charcuterie Board – a delightful spin on savoring Banh Mi. Perfect for appetizers or potlucks, let's share the Banh Mi feast together!
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Prep Time 15 minutes
Course Appetizer
Cuisine Vietnamese
Servings 6



One day ahead:

Party day prep:

  • Slice the cold cuts into thin, round halves for a perfect bite.
  • Slice the jalapeno pepper & cucumber.
  • Toast and cut the French baguette into 1-inch (2.5cm) slices.
  • Arrange the boards with all the delicious ingredients.


  • Spread pâté and mayo on a baguette slice. Add a tasty cold cut, cucumber, đồ chua, cilantro, and jalapeno for the perfect Banh Mi bite


  • Chả Lụa is easily found at Asian markets; for other Vietnamese cold cuts, feel free to swap with your favorites.
  • Vietnamese mayo and pâté could be substituted with your favorite ones, but I highly recommend making them at home for authentic flavors.
Tried this recipe?Let us know how it was!
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That’s a genius idea, I will try in my upcomming new year party. Thanks for ur sharing